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Read news and stories from Laniado Hospital. From miraculous life-saving outcomes to excellence in protocol - read about advancements in new technologies, life-saving equipment and specialised care.

We bring you the news and heart-warming stories from Laniado Hospital, in the Sharon region of Israel and the impact you can make today through your support.

Early-onset Alzheimer’s higher among Sephardi Jews Laniado research shows

The US National Institutes of Health has initiated a study to investigate potential genetic factors contributing to the earlier onset of Alzheimer’s disease among Sephardic Jews compared to other populations.

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Laniado Breakthrough Israeli Laser Technology Clears Leg Artery Blockage, Sparing Patient from Amputation

Procedures have been ongoing in the USA now for some time however this month saw the first procedure in Israel at Laniado Hospital by Dr. Achihud Bendt of the imaging department and the invasive radiology unit.

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Laniado Hospital Honors Staff Serving in Reserves

Today, Laniado Hospital's administration held a special recognition event to honour staff members who have served or are currently serving in the reserves since October 7th.

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Empowering Tomorrow's Lifesavers: Laniado Hospital Trains Youth in Emergency First Aid

Laniado Hospital initiates the training of numerous youth movement participants to administer first aid during emergencies.

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Laniado Hospital Practices Emergency Helicopter Exercise

Laniado Hospital recently conducted a helicopter landing exercise at night here, at the hospital helipad. 

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Laniado Doctor called away from active IDF Service in Gaza to perform lifesaving operation

"Ask the commander of the unit for an immediate release for a few hours to perform a lifesaving surgery”.

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Laniado team member takes part in hostage rescue

In the early hours of Monday morning, Israeli reservists executed a daring raid in Rafah, south of Gaza, successfully liberating two Israeli hostages held by Hamas.

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94 year old Kibbutz Beeri survivor lucky to be alive.

An extraordinary 94-year-old resident from Kibbutz Beeri endured a harrowing 22-hour ordeal on October 7th.

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A New Blessing: Arrival in the Family of Alon Shamriz, Kidnapped by Hamas and Inadvertently Shot by the IDF

A new addition has brought joy to the family of Alon Shamriz, who was tragically kidnapped by Hamas and later accidentally shot by the IDF.

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