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Underground Emergency Department

An underground emergency centre at Laniado Hospital has a unique role in addressing the threat of terror. Serving as a sanctuary during emergencies, this centre will provide a secure environment for both patients and healthcare professionals. Its underground location ensures protection against potential attacks, making it a pioneering facility in Israel. By investing in this centre, Laniado Hospital demonstrates its commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of the community, setting a new standard in emergency preparedness across the country.

Hospital Tower

The Department of Emergency Medicine at Laniado Hospital caters to the healthcare needs of over 500,000 residents in Netanya and the Sharon region. In the aftermath of terror attacks, Laniado has played a pivotal role as a regional trauma centre, prioritising and providing treatment based on the severity of injuries. Moreover, this project will boast 4,000 square meters of reinforced machinery rooms, ensuring optimal infrastructure for delivering essential medical services.

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