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Delivery and Gynecological Emergency Department Wing

The Gynecological operating rooms will be located within the delivery room complex. This will allow us a quick transfer to surgery. The rooms will be used to perform complex Gynecological surgeries including the removal of cancerous tumors. The wing will incorporate 12 new maternity rooms, our new Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit, offices and meeting rooms.

General Intensive Care Unit (GICU)

The development of a new Intensive Care Unit (ICU) post-Covid is crucial to enhance healthcare resilience. By incorporating lessons learned from the pandemic, the new ICU can be designed with improved infection control measures, increased capacity, advanced monitoring systems, and enhanced staff training, ensuring better preparedness for future health crises and ongoing health challenges with many patients. Today, the current Intensive Care Department covers an area of only about 250 square meters, and contains 6 treatment beds.

The new unit will include 19 treatment beds and will be spread over an area of about 1000 square meters, 4 times its current size.

Underground Dialysis Department

This  reinforced Dialysis Department, which includes 3 treatment halls covering an area of approx. 1,200 square meters, with 36 treatment stations and isolation rooms for patients at increased risk has now been build. We are offering donors naming rights to the project.

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