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The Hospital Today

A hospital with a heart, embracing life.

Laniado first opened its doors in 1975. Today it is a world-class medical campus providing the highest level of care to 500,000 people in the Sharon region of Israel.

Staying true to its founding vision, the ethos and spirit is filled with the highest level of care and compassion for all individuals – regardless of race, religion or gender.

Hospital Facilities

Medical Departments

  • Ambulatory Care Services
  • Cardiac Institute
  • Children's Medical Centre
  • Emergency & Trauma Unit
  • EMG Institute
  • Geriatric Wing
  • Mother & Baby Medical Centre
  • Oncology
  • Operating Rooms
  • Orthopaedics
  • Surgery

Institutions & Clinics

  • Dialysis Unit
  • Diabetes Treatment & Research
  • Diagnostic Imaging (Radiology)
  • Family & Couple Therapy
  • Gastroenterology Institute
  • Headache & Chronic Pain
  • Rehabilitation Wing
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Vascular Unit
  • Paediatric Gastroenterology Unit

Academic Tessler School of Nursing

The school has a reputation as one of the best, routinely producing graduating classes with some of the highest grades in the country.

The teaching process places special emphasis on the supreme value of the sanctity of human life, and the equal right of every human being to receive nursing care.

The Academic Nursing School is also unique in its integration of compassion and professionalism. The teaching process also emphasizes the development of  responsibility and leadership among the students. All these are vital tools for nursing performance.

Both the school and the dormitory are run under the guidance and direction of traditional Jewish values.

Clinical Research

Clinical research and development play a pivotal role in shaping a brighter future for Laniado, healthcare in Israel and also in the world. Through these endeavours, breakthroughs are made, leading to advancements in healthcare. The importance lies in the potential to discover new treatments, therapies, and preventive measures for diseases that affect humanity. Laniado strives for a brighter future through clinical research and development. We are  paving the way for transformative solutions that have the power to revolutionise healthcare, enhance well-being, and ultimately save lives. Nowhere is that represented more clearly than in partnership with  Bio Gen Cell and our internationally-acclaimed Medical Research Department.

Current Projects

The Intensive care department will be 4 times the size of the original department.

The Delivery and Gynecological Emergency wing which will include  12 new maternity rooms which will push the amount of babies born each year to over 10,000. That’s 2,000 more than the busiest maternity in the UK, the Liverpool Women’s Hospital which has an average of 8000 births a year.

The Maternity C ward will include an additional 46 hospital beds which will support the almost 9,000 babies born each year at Laniado.

Future Projects (2024-2030)

The importance of growth within Laniado Hospital is exemplified by its future projects like the establishment of a new department of Emergency Medicine within a new Hospital Tower. This expansion will significantly enhance the hospital's ability to provide timely and specialized emergency care the 500,000 residents of the Sharon region in Israel. By incorporating advanced facilities, cutting-edge technology, and specialized staff, the hospital can better address the evolving healthcare needs of the community and ensure improved patient outcomes. It is a proactive step towards meeting the demands of a growing population and advancing medical services.

A hospital with a heart, embracing life. Discover how you can help.
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