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Striving for a brighter future through research and development

Laniado stands at the forefront of medical development and research.

Our research team has published hundreds of medical research papers internationally. Our team leader, Dr Shlomo Bulvik, along with Dr Zvi Shimoni, is credited with the discovery of a treatment for West Nile Fever.

Alongside the research projects within our laboratory, our doctors also conduct clinical research programs throughout the hospital.

Laniado strives for a brighter future. Nowhere is that represented more clearly than in our internationally-acclaimed Medical Research Department.

Current research and development projects include:

  • A Novel West Nile Virus Infection Therapy
  • BC Stem Cell Research focused on innovative stem cell-based therapies
  • Effect of Insulin enriched formula on gastrointestinal tract maturation in preterm infants
  • Secondary neuronal damage in Foetal Spina Bifida and associated hydrocephalus
  • Neonatal screening for the early detection of Gaucher disease in high-risk population
  • Paediatric influenza a/h1n1 infection in a primary hospital in Israel
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