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Urgent Appeal for Medical Equipment

With hope, help, courage and compassion....

Together we alleviate suffering for all humanity.

With hope, help, courage and compassion....

Give life save lives

This year we are raising much needed funds for the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Laniado Hospital.

Give life save lives
Hope and help

Laniado was founded by a Holocaust survivor whose vision was to build a hospital where every patient is precious and where no one is turned away regardless of race, religion, gender, and ability to pay.

Courage and compassion

With your help, we can provide care and compassion allowing us to treat more patients.

A hospital with a heart, embracing life. Discover how you can help.
Your support is needed

How We Help

Saving the Life of an Eight Day Old Baby

Saving a Six Year Old Child in a Terrorist Explosion

Covid-19 Severely Affects Pregnant Mother

“He who saves a life, saves the entire world”

- The Talmud

Your donations will make a difference

Embracing Life


Laniado is a virtual mosaic of cultural diversity and tolerance that seeks to alleviate the suffering of patients in all segments of Israeli society.

Laniado Hospital serves over 500,000 people – Jews, Christians, Muslims and Druze, as well as the many tourists who flock to the lively seaside region of Netanya.

Since opening its doors in 1976, Laniado Hospital – Sanz Medical Centre has emerged as a modern and highly advanced medical centre, the only hospital serving Netanya’s 500,000 residents as well as the rapidly growing city’s surrounding towns and villages.

Every effort is be made to relieve the suffering of all patients, to improve their mental outlook, and elevate their spirits, which is an important therapeutic aide in the overall treatment of disease and its cure.

Today, Laniado has become a sacred institution for all, operating under Jewish law, where highly trained medical professionals filled with care and compassion are committed to alleviating all forms of physical and mental suffering.

Emergency department patients per year

Laniado Hospital treats over 100,000 A&E visitors annually with great care.

Our emergency department saves thousands of lives annually and implements innovative methods from new specialist equipment to faculty expertise and skills making Laniado one of the leading medical centres in Israel.

The Laniado Hospital is a holy institution for the benefit of those in need of health services, to fulfil the commandments of the Torah. (As stated in Masechte Nedarim 41: Yareh Deah, Chapter 336). The hospital shall admit and support all men and women irrespective of race, creed or colour. The hospital was founded on the principles of faith and belief in the Almighty, who apportions life to each creature, and in whose hands is the soul of each living creature.

Births per year

With over 8000 births per year Laniado Hospital is a sought-after birthing facility striving to deliver the best care and keep up with state-of-the-art hospital equipment.

Approximately 530 premature babies are born every year requiring specialised treatment. That is 6% of the number of total births. There are approximately 20 births a day with an average one or two babies out of this number will need intensive care.

The NEONATAL ITENSIVE CARE UNIT (NICU) is expanding and continuously purchasing lifesaving specialist equipment.

Be part of the saving of new life through your donation and help to save the lives of new-born premature and vulnerable babies.

There are 8000 births per year at Laniado and statistically 1 out of every 16 babies born there, are premature or vulnerable and may be in need of surgery as well as needing lifesaving specialised equipment.

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