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Read news and stories from Laniado Hospital. From miraculous life-saving outcomes to excellence in protocol - read about advancements in new technologies, life-saving equipment and specialised care.

We bring you the news and heart-warming stories from Laniado Hospital, in the Sharon region of Israel and the impact you can make today through your support.

Laniado Surgeon gives birth to a preemie at Laniado

Irit, a seasoned surgeon at Laniado Hospital, faced an unforeseen twist in her life's journey. Expecting her first child, she encountered early labour on October 8th, a mere 29 weeks into her pregnancy.

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Prayers at birth for those in captivity

A recent initiative at Laniado Hospital stands in solidarity with those still held captive by Hamas. In Jewish tradition, the birth of a baby is deemed a significant "hour of desire" for prayer.

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Heightened Urgency for Fortified Dialysis Centre Following current threat of War in Israel.

Renal disease patients heavily rely on dialysis as a crucial treatment.

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Simon Silver and Paul Greenberg from the UK office head to Israel

Last week, Simon Silver, CEO of Laniado UK, and Paul Greenberg, Campaign Manager, embarked on a meaningful journey to Israel.

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From Saving Lives to Protecting Lives

A number of staff members at Laniado have been called as reservists up and are now serving in the IDF. These include Dr Ari Plata and Dr Yagov Igor.

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Laniado's Birthing centre is heaving due to the influx of evacuees into Netanya

Amidst the ongoing conflict, Laniado's Birthing centre is at full capacity.

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Appeal for Thermal Clothing for Israeli Evacuees

Amidst the ongoing conflict in Israel, a staggering 300,000 people have fled their homes in both northern and Southern Israel, seeking refuge in what are deemed safer areas within the country.

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Laniado celebrates International Prematurity Day

Even in times of war, we don't forget the routine work that saves our lives. Last week, we celebrated here at Laniado: International Prematurity Day.

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Laniado sends prayers to families of drafted IDF soldiers

Last week Laniado Hospital sent the families of our employees whose family members were drafted into the reserves a printed prayer for the peace of the soldiers and the people of Israel.

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