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Last week, Simon Silver, CEO of Laniado UK, and Paul Greenberg, Campaign Manager, embarked on a meaningful journey to Israel. Their destination was Netanya, where they dedicated their time to Laniado Hospital while also reaching out to some of the 15,000 evacuees from Southern and Northern Israel, currently seeking refuge in various accommodations across Netanya.

Their schedule brimmed with meetings, engaging with key personnel from Dialysis, ER, the Birthing Centre, Orthopaedics, and the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit. Their primary goal was to grasp firsthand the repercussions of the October 7th attacks on both the hospital staff and its infrastructure. Although Laniado no longer harbours survivors from the attack, its impact remains profound. The hospital bears the weight of approximately 15,000 evacuees in the Sharon region, evident in the escalated demands across every department.

The hospital bears the weight of approximately 15,000 evacuees in the Sharon region

Notably affected are the Birthing Centre, anticipating a record-breaking tally of over 9,000 births by the close of December, and the ER department, grappling with the strain of this heightened influx. Simon and Paul had an opportunity to connect with a woman from Sderot, currently residing at the 'Residence Hotel' along Netanya's seafront with her husband and two children. She candidly shared her experience of managing a bowel condition amidst the trying circumstances.

Prior to their visit, Laniado UK had initiated a fundraising campaign for thermal clothing. Raising over £2,000, they managed to deliver three sizable duffle bags to the Vert Lagoon Hotel in Netanya. This allowed them to personally meet with some of the evacuees, who recounted their harrowing experiences from the events of October 7th.

Throughout their stay, Simon Silver and Paul Greenberg gained profound insight into the ongoing challenges faced by both the hospital and the evacuees, underscoring the vital role of support and unity during such tumultuous times.

To view pictures from the trip click HERE

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