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Noam Mazal Ben-David, a 27-year-old survivor of the Nova Festival massacre carried out by Hamas terrorists, was admitted to Laniado Hospital in Netanya on that fateful day, October 7th. After spending nearly a month at Laniado, just berore being released, she was eager to share her story with the world. Francesca Librae, a freelance journalist originally from Manchester but now residing in New Orleans, is a close friend of the Laniado UK team. She conducted an interview with Noam over Zoom and was deeply moved to tears by her story. 

Speaking from her hospital bed, Noam expressed her gratitude: "Thank G-d I was brought here to Laniado because they have treated me like a princess. The people here are incredibly kind and beautiful. I received the best possible care. People even came in with plates of food, and some would sing and bring guitars and drums. It's truly beautiful."

Noam's story was initially featured in the Sunday Express last week, but due to its remarkable nature, it has garnered attention from news outlets worldwide. Her story has been covered by numerous UK news outlets including The Times, the Daily Mail, The Mirror, The Daily Star, and The Sun. Additionally, it has been picked up by publications in Israel, Canada, the USA, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Indonesia, India, and many more countries across the world.


"Thank G-d I was brought here to Laniado because they have treated me like a princess".

Here are some of the places her story featured:

The Express

I hid in a skip under my boyfriend’s dead body as Hamas committed evil | World | News |

The Daily Mail

'I hid in a skip under my boyfriend's body as Hamas slaughtered everyone': Israeli model reveals how she watched her partner die and had to play dead for two hours surrounded by a pile of corpses during horrific music festival massacre | Daily Mail Online

The Sun

'I hid in a skip under my boyfriend’s dead body during Hamas massacre - it was Russian roulette as to who'd get shot' (


'It was Russian roulette': Survivor of Hamas festival massacre reveals she had to hide... - LBC

The Mirror

'I hid in a skip under boyfriend's body during Hamas slaughter at Israel music festival' - World News - Mirror Online

The Times

‘My boyfriend was killed at Supernova festival but I had to play dead’ (

Daily Star

Model survived Hamas festival massacre after 'hiding in skip under boyfriend’s dead body' - Daily Star

Times of India

Hid under my boyfriend's body as Hamas terrorists went on murdering spree: Israel festival survivor - Times of India (

India Today

'Played dead under boyfriend's body': Survivor recounts Hamas attack on music fest - India Today

NDTV World (India)

Israel Gaza Palestine: Israeli Model Reveals She Hid Under Boyfriend's Dead Body To Escape Hamas Attack ( (Indonisia)

Berita dan Informasi Noam mazal ben david Terkini dan Terbaru Hari ini - detikcom (Canada)

Ground News - Israeli Model Reveals She Hid Under Her Boyfriend's Dead Body During Hamas Attack (Slovakia)

Modelka počula Alláhu Akbar a začala sa „ruská ruleta“: Hodiny ležala pod telom priateľa a hrala mŕtvu | Nový Čas (

Kobieta onet (Poland)

Widziała, co Hamas robi z festiwalowiczami. Sama ukryła się pod ciałem ukochanego - Kobieta (

Italy24 (Italy)

Israel, model hidden under her boyfriend’s body to escape the Hamas massacre at the rave: Noam’s story (

RTL (Germany)

Israel: Model (27) überlebt Hamas-Terror unter der Leiche ihres Freundes (

Ynet (Israel)

הישראלית שניצלה מהטבח וסיפורה האישי הגיע לכותרת הראשית ב"דיילי מייל": "הכתבת בכתה אית (

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