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A new addition has brought joy to the family of Alon Shamriz, who was tragically kidnapped by Hamas and later accidentally shot by the IDF. Jonathan and Natalie Lulu-Shamriz welcomed a baby boy, becoming parents to their second child at Laniado Hospital. The older brother, Yonatan, is the sibling of the late Alon.

The birth is a poignant moment for the Shamriz family, marking the first glimmer of light and hope since the distressing events of October 7th and the subsequent accidental death of Alon by IDF soldiers on December 15th last year. Natalie Lulu-Shamriz, a resident of Kfar Aza, chose the delivery room at Laniado Hospital, known for having one of the top birthing units in Israel. Though Alon couldn't fulfil the hoped-for role as a godfather, the family remains convinced that he watches over them from above.

The first glimmer of light and hope since the distressing events of October 7th

Natalie's decision to give birth at Laniado Hospital was influenced by its excellent birthing facilities. The baby arrived slightly prematurely, requiring some time in the premature baby's unit before being taken home. Nurse Etti Litig, emotionally involved due to her son participating in the events on October 7th against Hamas terrorists, was assigned to care for the newborn.

Several weeks later, the Brit Milah ceremony was held, and both mother and baby are reported to be in good health. The birth of this new family member brings a ray of happiness amidst the challenges faced by the Shamriz family in the past months.

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