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Procedures have been ongoing in the USA now for some time however this month saw the first procedure in Israel at Laniado Hospital by Dr. Achihud Bendt of the imaging department and the invasive radiology unit.

 The Israeli company Eximo Medical, headquartered in Rehovot, has developed a device that assists medical teams in breaking up blockages in blood vessel walls. The device employs a laser of a specific wavelength to disintegrate the biological and chemical substances causing the obstruction, thereby allowing the blood vessels to open.

Einat Medical, which distributes the equipment in Israel, reached out to the Bendt unit at Laniado Hospital to identify a suitable patient for the first treatment in the country. Collaborating with Dr. Anton Kabasha, the head of Laniado’s vascular department, they selected a patient suffering from severe arterial disease, including a blockage of the femoral artery, for the initial laser catheterisation procedure.

This is a groundbreaking technology that required extensive preparation

Following the successful procedure, Bendt commented: "This is a groundbreaking technology that required extensive preparation of both teams and equipment, involving collaboration among anaesthesiologists, vascular specialists, and the invasive radiology team. It’s gratifying to see that, even in challenging times, Israel remains at the cutting edge of medical technology, particularly in invasive radiology. I am honoured to be the first in the country to utilise this breakthrough technology for treating this complex disease."

He also noted, "The laser technology holds significant potential for addressing severe arterial narrowing and blockages, even in difficult locations that were previously challenging or impossible to treat with catheterisation."

Hospital director Nadav Chen commended the imaging department team for this significant achievement. He remarked that the decision to conduct this pioneering procedure for the first time in Israel at Laniado is a testament to the trust placed in them by two major companies, acknowledging the extensive clinical and research efforts undertaken at the hospital.

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