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Renal disease patients heavily rely on dialysis as a crucial treatment. At Laniado, a current count of 100 patients, spanning ages from 18 to 93, frequent the facility for dialysis sessions up to three times weekly, each spanning several hours.

The former dialysis unit, 200 square meters with 21 stations, was originally established in 1978 with just 10 stations. Over time, the space became dangerously congested, lacking sufficient room between patients.

To address this issue, a new 1,200 square-meter unit was constructed, housing three primary sections equipped with stations for 36 patients. This updated space not only includes expanded facilities but also features a spacious waiting area and offices catering to doctors, nurses, social workers, and dieticians.

A new 1,200 square-meter unit was constructed

Recognising the vulnerability of dialysis patients during their sessions, unable to mobilize themselves or seek shelter during emergencies, the new unit is fortified and strategically located underground, ensuring protection against various forms of conflict or warfare.

Developed in close collaboration with the Israel Defence Forces Homefront Command and the Ministry of Health, this fortified unit serves a dual purpose: providing critical regional dialysis services and acting as a resilient centre in the face of potential disasters.

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