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Dear Sirs,

Ms. Mirjana Spoljaric, President of the Red Cross

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organisation


I appeal to the Red Cross and the World Health Organisation as the director of the Laniado Hospital, which treats human beings of all religions and sectors, regardless of religion, race or gender. The Laniado Hospital was established by a Holocaust survivor, who lost his wife and eleven children during the Holocaust in an unimaginable human tragedy. The founder, Rabbi Yekutiel Yehuda Halberstam, was a righteous and holy man. Being injured himself, he refused to receive "medical treatment" in a German hospital, out of understanding that his entrance to the hospital was a death sentence. Rabbi Halberstam vowed that if he was saved from hell, he would build a medical centre in the Land of Israel. He said and he did. These days the whole world is dealing with war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the terrorist organisation Hamas-Daesh. As in the days of the Holocaust, so too today, we encounter, to our great regret, dangerous silence and even worse.

As far as you represent organisations that also operate in the Gaza Strip, I take very seriously your failure to demand from the Hamas leadership to find out the situation of the Israeli kidnapped people and their children, the Holocaust survivors, adults, children and babies. An organisation dedicated to saving lives cannot be content with thunderous silence in the face of deliberate cruelty. The doctor's oath, no matter what language it is spoken in, obligates to treat a person since he is a person. Your thunderous silence cries out to the heavens.

Don't be on the wrong side of history!

You turned the doctor's oath into the doctor's silence.

Moreover, in your knowledge, under your watchful eyes, in your silence, you enable use of the Shifa Hospital and the other hospitals in the Gaza Strip as criminal terrorist compounds instead of medical facilities. With these actions, you are endangering the Gaza patients being treated in the hospital and the citizens who have become prisoners of the Hamas against their will. Therefore, you must demand that the hospital managements remove the terrorist organisation Hamas immediately from the hospital’s premises.

Your silence in the face of the turning of the hospitals in the Gaza Strip into a haven for terrorists is a mark of Cain on the Red Cross and the World Health Organisation, as well as your lack of demand to visit the abductees and find out in depth their clinical condition - a double mark of Cain, which will go down in the pages of history!

These days are a time for actions that will redefine the role of the Red Cross and the World Health Organisation. Don't be on the wrong side of history!

Best regards,

Nadav Chen, CEO if the Laniado Hospital

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