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The Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit at Laniado has seen a remarkable surge in baby admissions since the recent attack on Israel. The unit has experienced a doubling in the number of babies requiring care, attributed to several key factors.

One major draw is the fortified status of Laniado's NICU, standing as one of the few fully protected units in Israel. This security measure has notably attracted more expectant mothers, leading to approximately 5% of all births being directed to the NICU at Laniado.

December anticipates a record-breaking 9000 births for the hospital, translating to our team supporting around 450 babies in the NICU for this month alone.

This Chanukah event was a poignant moment of joy for the tireless NICU team

Amidst these challenging times, the team orchestrated a heartwarming Chanukah celebration. Gathering atop the hospital roof overlooking the serene sea, they adorned the scene with a painted sunset, a Menorah, candlelit blessings, joyous singing, spirited dancing, and the symbolic release of balloons. This festive event was a poignant moment of joy for the tireless NICU team, who dedicate themselves 24/7 to the care of these premature infants. It served as a beacon of happiness amidst the hardships they face daily.

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