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Latest update on the victims and casualties being treated at Laniado.


There has been a sudden influx of 8,000 residents from the southern and northern parts of Israel, seeking refuge from the ongoing conflict. This has significantly strained the various resources of Laniado Hospital in Netanya. Positioned centrally in Israel, Netanya has become a sanctuary for these displaced individuals, many of whom are fleeing the most heavily affected areas following the atrocities on October 7th. These newcomers, mainly accommodated in Netanya's hotels, have placed additional stress on various departments of the hospital, including the maternity unit, which experienced its busiest month ever with 703 births in October alone. Laniado Hospital has three fortified departments, drawing patients from across the country.


Laniado becoming fortified and ready for war.

Fortification of Laniado

Recent projects have ensured that a number of units within the hospital are securely fortified. These include the Birthing Centre, The Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit, and the Dialysis Centre. All three-brand new state of the art units are now welcoming a significant number of patients from around Israel due to the security these facilities offer patients that we vulnerable and unable to move in the event of war.  

Not all of the hospital has the privilege of these type of fortifications. Whilst plans are in place to build more units that are secure in this way, as it stands, the hospital is still vulnerable to attacks that could cause significant death and injuries in the event of a missile attack. Sas a result, homeland command has delivered concrete to protect the Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Department, and the generators.


In a recent interview, Dr. Roey Meidan, Director of the Emergency Department at Laniado Hospital, emphasised the significance of the Hospital in not only providing care to patients but also in addressing the well-being of the dedicated staff.

“On a personal level, it is not an easy time. I need to consider two homes. Laniado which is my family here and my family including my wife and two children at home. We take care of the staff, their needs and the needs of their family”

Dr. Meidan underscored the critical importance of securing funds for life-saving equipment, enabling the hospital to offer optimal treatment to its patients. This includes essential equipment for surgical procedures, resuscitation, incubation, and even hospital beds. He stressed that this presents a substantial challenge and emphasised the vital need for financial support from individuals worldwide at this pivotal moment.

To donate towards the Emergency Campaign for medical equip,ent, please click here.

16th Oct 2023:

Now more than 50 patients have an continue to be treated at Laniado as a result of the atrocities carried out by Hamas. The Emergency Department have dealt with injuries including Bullet wounds, shrapnel. In anticipation for an escalation in the north, we are taking more patients from the northern hospitals including Ziv Medical Centre in Tzfat, not far from the Lebanese border. We are taking the majority of their patients that are able to travel leaving space for potential future casualties for Ziv to then deal with in the worst case scenario. We have a significant amount of car parking space and warehouse space which we are clearing to create field hospitals. This is why we are appealing for further medical equipment, to equip us for the potential of a further escalation. Nadav Chen, the Chief Executive of Laniado Hospital in Israel in a statement said “The workload has been incredible including 50 patients from the south and now 12 from the north with many more expected in the coming days. The staff are working incredibly hard and the situation is not good however the morale is high. We need equipment urgently to save lives,. We have enough for the current patients however with more expected we will need more equipment shortly”.

Laniado UK have already begun to raise money for life saving medical equipment and continue to reach out to friends and donors for support.

If you would like to support this appeal, you can do so here.

12th Oct 2023:

The Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit, enclosed by reinforced concrete walls and steel-framed windows, has closed its windows and doors, prioritising the safety of its most vulnerable patients—premature babies. There has been an influx of patients from the south of Israel, where evacuations have taken place as a result of the terror attack last Saturday and constant rocket bombardment from Hamas. Many of these patients from the south are arriving with severe injuries, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

The hospital has been receiving numerous women from the north region, due to the imminent threat posed by Hezbollah infiltrations and rocket attacks along the Lebanon border. This has resulted in a significant increase in patients.

11th Oct 2023:

Currently, Laniado Hospital is providing care for over 40 patients, comprising both civilian victims and soldiers affected by the recent terror attack. The government has designated our hospital as an 'overflow' facility to accommodate the influx of patients.

Our medical teams have been diligently treating patients with gunshot wounds, necessitating surgeries, including bullet extractions. Additionally, we are expecting more casualties to be transferred to Laniado in the coming days. We are committed to keeping you updated as the situation develops.

The situation is dynamic; we are gearing up to receive patients from northern hospitals, a measure taken to create space for potential casualties in the event of a conflict with Hezbollah in the northern region of the country. Furthermore, we are proactively preparing for potential events in our geographic area that might result in significant casualties. Rest assured, we are closely monitoring the situation and are fully prepared to respond effectively.


10th Oct 2023:

Laniado Hospital has been actively providing care and treatment to casualties and victims of terror following the heinous attack carried out by the terrorist organization Hamas on Shabbat, 7 October. Over 50 individuals with a range of injuries, from minor wounds to those requiring urgent surgeries, have been admitted. Many of these patients needed surgery to remove bullets after being shot by Hamas terrorists.

Among those receiving treatment is an IDF soldier who was injured by gunfire during the battle in Urim, a kibbutz located in the Negev area near the Gaza border. Additionally, a young girl who was injured in the tragic massacre at the outdoor music festival in Kibbutz Re'im is under our care. She endured a horrifying six-hour ordeal hiding in a dustbin, along with her injured boyfriend who tragically passed away in her arms during their prolonged concealment. She was one of a few survivors of the massacre at the music festival in Kibbutz Re'im, where more than 260 young people were gunned down.

The accounts shared by the injured and their families have been deeply distressing and shocking for our hospital staff.

We will continue to provide updates on the situation.

The majority of our team members have been affected in one way or another by this tragedy. Lt. Col Yonathan Tzur, the husband of Mrs. Rashit Tzur, a physiotherapist at the hospital, and brother of Tzurya Menashevski, a midwife in the delivery room, lost his life while bravely fighting the terrorists near Gaza. Ofir Zioni, the son of a CT radiologist, also made the ultimate sacrifice while on duty. Many of our staff have children who have been called up in preparation for what is likely to follow and we are bracing ourselves for a potential escalation of a significant influx of patients from the southern region.

Additionally, we are preparing for potential issue from the northern region, Judea, and Samaria. To bolster our security efforts and support our dedicated staff, an IDF reserve unit has been deployed to the hospital.

We are appealing to you for support in acquiring life-saving medical equipment.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims of these unspeakable atrocities and their grieving families.

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