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Super Heroes

Created on 18/01/2023

Get Your School Involved

We have partnered with primary schools across the country to raise vital funds for our "Super Heroes" project. We would be honoured to visit your school to tell the students about the story the Klausenberger Rebbe and how he survived the atrocities of the Holocaust through adversity. This is taught in an age appropriate and sensitive way, so that young pupils can understand and be encouraged to ‘save lives’ and through tzadakah.

Our super-hero character Captain K is based on a real-life Jewish super-hero, the Klausenberger Rebbe. A survivor of the Holocaust and inspiration to hundreds of prisoners in Auschwitz; whilst on a death march was shot in the hand and made a pact with Hashem. His famous words were “Dear G-d, if you get me out of this living hell, I will give back to humanity and start an institution in Israel which gives life”. An incredible thing to say given his situation at that time.  He created a tourniquet for his hand from some twigs and managed to miraculously survive the atrocities of the Holocaust. The pain did not end there as he was soon to find out that he had lost his entire family (his wife and 11 Children), killed by the Nazis.

For the next 20 years, he travelled around America and Europe raising money for his dream, and thanks to the support of two Swiss brothers, the dream of building a hospital in Israel was realised. In 1974, the Laniado Hospital was built with the founding principle that anyone, regardless of race or religion, would be welcomed with dignity and humanity.
This is how he found meaning in his life: by saving life and fighting darkness with light.

Dealing with subjects like the Holocaust is a very sensitive topic for young Children to understand and so we have created “The Super Heroes” project with sensitivity focusing on his life affirming work and the importance of saving lives. The hospital is a beacon of hope and peace in the middle East where both Israeli and Palestinian Doctors work side by side to treat their patients and provide dignity and care and value all human life.

How it works:

  • Super-hero posters will be delivered to the school for each class to place on the walls of the classrooms or to download a copy please click here.
  • The classes will compete and the winning class who raises the most money for vital equipment will get a special voucher for a pizza at a selected Kosher restaurant soon to be announced.
  • Each poster will have 50 spaces/circles and accompanying stickers to stick in each of the 50 spaces/circles. Each sticker has the value of £1 and the children can stick a sticker into the block for each pound raised
  • Each poster’s full value is £50.
  • The school can decide whether they would like to help fundraise for a wheelchair or a defibrillator. No amount is too small to help save lives!
  • If your school manages to raise requisite funds there is a possibility that a small plaque can be put up in the hospital in Israel, with your chosen wording, in appreciation of your school.

The children will really love the project and can create fun activities to raise money themselves. It could be sponsored events; baking and selling to friends and family or through a Shabbos collection.

What makes a super hero? A super hero uses their power to accomplish good deeds. They are kind and moral. They fight against opression. They inspire and have determination and conviction, bravery and courage.They are helpful and honest and have moral integrity.

Click here to read about how some children have been raising money.

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