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Laniado’s Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU team) performs one of the worlds rarest operations

The NICU team at Laniado is no stranger to handling challenges during childbirth. With over 8000 deliveries annually, more than 500 babies require specialised care within the NICU. When they received an ultrasound report about a mother whose unborn baby had a rapidly growing benign tumour around its neck, there was immediate concern.

This situation called for an exceptionally rare surgery, one that had never been performed at the hospital before and was scarcely documented anywhere in the world. The risks of irreversible brain damage or death were high, and meticulous preparation was crucial.

Known as EXIT (Ex Utero Intrapartum Treatment), the procedure involved a unique caesarean section where only the baby’s head and shoulders were delivered initially. The airways had to be secured while the baby remained attached to the umbilical cord. Only after ensuring a safe airway, the baby was delivered.

The team (18 specialists) were ready with various airway management tools, including the possibility of placing a tracheostomy. Fortunately, the baby was delivered safely, and the breathing tube was successfully placed.

The operation turned out to be a remarkable success, and a week later, both mother and baby Raphael were discharged home. The story garnered national attention, leaving everyone with a heart-warming and happy ending.

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