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Laniado Hospital Israel

Laniado Mission to Israel 5th-8th February 2024

Created on : 05/01/2024

We look forward in welcoming you. Please print sign and return the following waiver form HERE.

Highlights include:

Visit displaced residents from Kibbutz Alumim – On the 7th October, dozens of Hamas terrorists infiltrated the Kibbutz killing a number of Thai workers taking 8 hostages. The security team and IDF managed to repel the attack saving the remaining civilian population of the kibbutz. Two soldiers, brothers who came to the area on their own initiative. They are currently living in Netanya.

Hostage Square - Hostages Square is a public plaza located in front of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. It received its current name following the 7 October 2023 Hamas-led attack on Israel, when families of the hostages and their supporters started to encamp and gather there. The Square features art installations and banners highlighting the plight of the hostages and calling for their release.

The International Resilience Centre of Sderot – The residents of Sderot have 15 seconds from the launch of a missile attack to take cover. For 21 years they have had to learn and develop new ways to become more resilient. We will learn how they cope with such daily threats. 

Sderot Police Force – Hamas attackers overpowered the officers at the police station and occupied it killing 30 police officers and civilians. It wasn’t until the 8th that the army managed to get back control by destroying the station and killing the terrorists that remained inside. We will be meeting a representative of the Sderot Police Force who suffered as a result of the brutal attack on October 7th.

BBQ for Soldiers on an IDF base – There are more reservists serving in the IDF right now than there has ever been since the establishment of the state of Israel (according to the IDF). Bringing joy and fresh food to theses soldiers before and after they go to war against the evil of Hamas makes a significant difference both physically and mentally. We will spend an evening on a base preparing and serving a BBQ for some of these soldiers.

Laniado Hospital – We will be spending time with senior members of the team including doctors and nurses within Paediatrics, Birthing, Neo Natal intensive care, Dialysis and much more. There will be opportunities to meet patients and learn of the plans in place for the potential future wars and how the hospital managed in the aftermath of the 7th October. There will be a tour of the hospital and we will meet with Nadav Chenm the Chief Executive of the hospital. We will also hear from Dr Irit Shimoni, the Surgeon who operated on Noam Ben David, a survivor from the Nova Festival. Dr Shimoni went into labour just a few days after the events of 7th October and fulfilled the promise to Noam to operate on her just 24 hours after giving birth.

Ofakim – The town was infiltrated by Hamas terrorists on October 7th killing 50 Israelis. Visit the site and walk through the events of October 7th together with a resident of the town.

Visit to Kfar Azza – On October 7th, 70 Hamas terrorists attacked the kibbutz which is just 3 kilometres from the Gaza border. While the exact total of Israelis killed is yet unknown, 52 are known to be killed with 20 more kidnapped. The brutality of the attack has been well reported with victims having been burned alive amongst other atrocities.

Reeim – Site of the Nova Music Festival – This has become a memorial to the 360 people that were killed along with 40 being taken hostage on the 7th October.

Car Cemetery – The harrowing site where the burnt-out cars from the first day of the attack are located.

Tekuma Pizza Project – Visit a grassroots projects feeding soldiers with a supply chain of hundreds of pizzas each day as well as a distribution centre of supplies for soldiers.

Shuva Achim Hospitality Tent - See the incredible work done by three brothers catering for thousands of soldiers each day.



Divrei Khayim St 16, Netanya, 4244916, Israel

Time: To be advised

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