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The New Emergency Hospital at the Medical Laniado Campus

Created on 19/03/2024

The Laniado Medical Campus serves as the primary hub for trauma and emergency care for the 500,000 residents in the Sharon region of Israel.

Plans are in place to construct a new Sheltered Emergency Hospital at Laniado to replace the current overcrowded Emergency unit, which spans a mere 900 square meters. The upcoming facility will be four times larger, with construction planned four floors underground to ensure protection against potential threats from neighbouring adversaries. This endeavour stands as a unique and rare initiative in Israel, reminiscent of the recent opening of the new ER Hospital at Ichilov in Tel Aviv back in 2022. Anticipated completion of the project is set for 2029.

The total cost of this venture amounts to £24,000,000, with 50% of the investment secured from both the Israeli Government and a supportive benefactor. The remaining 50% is to be sourced from donors and trusts, with a special opportunity extended to 100 donors worldwide to become members of the 'Founders Club.' These esteemed individuals will be commemorated in the main lobby of the new hospital entrance. Each founder is committed to £15,000 annually for four years, totalling £60,000.

Furthermore, there are additional avenues for involvement in this initiative:

  • Patron: £800 per month for four years, totalling £38,400.
  • Partner: £400 per month for four years, totalling £19,200.
  • Sponsor: £200 per month for four years, totalling £9,600.
  • Builder: £100 per month for four years, totalling £4,800.

Please email us here for more information and we will schedule a call.

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